2Face – Dance In the rain

Cinematically the video was very much a success and was acknowledged by a lot of the media as a ‘beautifully shot production’. Filmed in the Lake District both the crew and the talent had fun over the course of the 2 day shoot despite the 7 hour drive each way! Nigerian born, 2Face and his team, were all extremely happy with the outcome of the video and commented how they did not realise the UK had beautiful locations like this. The highlight of the shoot was when a trained American fighter jet flew past about 20ft from us. Unfortunately the jet was moving too fast for our camera! The video was shot all exterior in forests and mountains on the Arri Alexa with Cooke S4 lenses.

DIRECTOR: Luke Biggins  |  PRODUCER: George Guise

TRANSMISSION: T.V. & Online  |  YEAR: 2013